When off-the-shelf software just won’t cut it, call YTBE, Inc. We will work with you to create professional, top-quality, user-friendly software that’s completely custom-designed and programmed to fit your specific needs. YTBE Inc. can create custom software to automate or enhance virtually any business process or as a marketing tool for a trade show kiosk, digital handout (Ex: CD, DVD, or USB flash drive), or the Web.

Proposals with Screenshots

We prepare some of the most detailed proposals in the business.  We’re one of the few companies to include screenshots that closely approximate what your finished software will look like as part of our proposals. We work closely with you and your employees during design and proposal development to produce the most accurate estimate possible, helping ensure there are no surprises once the finished software is installed. In fact our proposal process is so thorough that we effectively start on your project before you’ve even hired us.

Industry Experts

Our team is comprised of experts with advanced-level skill-sets and a well-established track record for achieving some of the most challenging project requirements under some of the most difficult deadlines imaginable.

All developers frequently combine off-the-shelf components into custom software solutions. We take this a step further. If a component does not exist that does what we need it to do, doesn’t do it efficiently, or doesn’t do it in an easy-to-use way, we modify it or rebuild it ourselves. This requires advanced-level skill-sets but results in a higher-quality, more cohesive, and easier-to-use end-result. We’ve written our own code libraries and countless user-interface controls.

We’re also experts at breaking concepts down and explaining them in ways that are easy-to-understand so you have all the facts you need to make any critical decisions that affect your project.

The Trusted Source

Marketing and software development firms outsource their toughest requirements to us. Our creative approach to problem solving and advanced-level skill-sets are second to none.

Friendly, Easy-to-Use Designs

We specialize in developing flexible applications that are friendly and intuitive to use. Training can be done in minutes! Your staff will embrace the benefits of eliminating cumbersome, repetitive tasks and enjoy their new-found productivity.

Built for Today, Planned for Tomorrow

During the design phase we work with you to address today’s needs while planning for the upgrades you might need down-the-road.


We regularly produce work under non-disclosure agreements (NDA) for our clients who wish to protect their unique business processes, trade secrets, and other intellectual properties.

Made in the USA

We are strong advocates of developing software domestically for a multitude of reasons including:

  1. Legal Protection – Developing domestically means your project falls under the jurisdiction of US and local laws. International law offers fewer protections for your intellectual properties, and those protections it does offer are tougher and often more costly to enforce, requiring expert legal counsel specializing in International law and the laws of the countries involved.
  2. Quality – Domestically produced work is often of a higher quality. It’s easier to plan and communicate your requirements and there’s an inherent understanding that comes from a shared culture that puts everyone on the same page. Managing work overseas involves dealing with language, culture, and time barriers that often translate into miscommunications, invalid assumptions, or misunderstandings that can result in a lower quality end-product that fails to accurately meet the specifications or is cumbersome to use.
  3. Speed – Working in the same or similar time zones and with shared backgrounds yields enormous efficiencies that are very difficult to achieve overseas. In an offshore development model, often one or more days are added each time work is received, reviewed, corrected, and sent back to the developers; taken in sum these delays can add up to weeks or months of additional calendar time. With a domestic work-flow, it’s faster and easier to gather, document, and convey your project’s specifications to the production team and the development, review, and testing processes are streamlined.
  4. Cost – The aforementioned quality and speed benefits can often translate into similar or even reduced costs. Imagine sending work overseas and receiving an unacceptable end product. Now you must either have the overseas developers correct the problems or, depending on the severity of the problems, switch gears and hire a domestic firm instead.


We have developed applications that run on a wide range of devices including:

  1. Windows & Mac computers (desktops and laptops)
  2. Apple iPhone and iPad devices
  3. Android tablets and smart phones
  4. Windows CE & Windows Mobile devices

We’ve also have extensive experience developing applications that utilize third-party hardware including built-in or external barcode and magnetic stripe scanners.

Languages & Technologies

Some of the languages and technologies we use include:

  1. HTML5 / CSS3
  2. Javascript
  3. jQuery
  4. Knockout.js
  5. KendoUI
  6. JSON
  7. XML
  8. Web Services (SOAP/REST)
  9. ASP.Net (2-4) Forms & MVC
  10. ASP
  11. PHP
  12. PERL
  13. WordPress
  14. C#.Net / VB.Net
  15. VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) – Ex: Word, Excel, and Access Automation and advanced-level macros
  16. VBScript
  17. WPF, WCF
  18. Objective C
  19. Flash ActionScript
  20. Director Lingo
  21. SQL Server
  22. MySQL
  23. T-SQL
  24. MS Acces
  25. Windows Scripting